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OFCCP Settlements


On October 2015 OFCCP was busy closing out the following cases:

Hospira, Inc.[10/13/15]– settles allegations of systemic hiring discrimination and agrees to pay female applicants $400k in back wages with interest and to hire 11 female class members during the conciliation agreement’s monitoring period. Hospira denied jobs to 145 female applicants for pharmacy attendant positions in McPherson, KS.  OFCCP found that qualified female applicants were being hired at much lower rates than similarly qualified male applicants and alleged that Hospira violated recordkeeping requirements by failing to preserve employment applications and interview forms.  Press Release

Fastenal Company [10/8/15] – will offer positions to 171 applicants and will pay African-American and female applicants $1.25m in back wages.  Under the conciliation agreement, Fastenal will hire 154 African American and 17 female class members and will pay $1,253.611 in back wages and interest to 7,398 African American and 1,055 female job applicants.  The applicants sought general warehouse positions in Indianapolis and Atlanta.  OFCCP investigators found that the company engaged in screening and testing practices that discriminated against women and African-American applicants.  OFCCP also found that Fastenal destroyed or failed to provide various employment records in an attempt to hinder the investigation.  Press Release

Home Depot [10/1/15] – agrees to pay $83,400 to 46 women who either applied for or were not hired in southern CA.  The women were funneled into cashier jobs while male coworkers received higher-paying sales jobs.  Press Release