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EEOC Sues Marquez Brothers for Hispanic-Preference Hiring


The EEOC filed a lawsuit against Marquez Brothers International, Inc., and its affiliates for allegedly violating Title VII when they failed to hire more qualified non-Hispanic applicants for entry-level unskilled positions due to their race.  EEOC also contends that Marquez Brothers discouraged non-Hispanic applicants from applying for open positions, asking applicants if they spoke Spanish even though speaking Spanish was not a job requirement. 

The San Jose, California-based company and its affiliates purportedly favored less-qualified Hispanic job applicants over all other races (including black, white and Asian applicants) in unskilled positions.

EEOC is seeking back pay, benefits, and compensatory and punitive damages for a class of non-Hispanic applicants, as well as injunctive relief intended to prevent further discrimination by the companies.

Press Release