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EEOC Releases FY 2018 Outreach and Enforcement Highlights


EEOC Addresses Workplace Discrimination with Ramped up Outreach and Enforcement

EEOC’s online inquiry and appointment system in their Public Portal has been active with over 554,000 calls and emails and more than 200,000 inquiries concerning potential discrimination claims and requests for information about their new Respectful Workplaces training program.   This represents a 30% increase in inquiries and over 40,000 intake interviews for potential discrimination charges.

The following is a summary of EEOC’s FY 2018 highlights:

  • Over 67,860 individuals benefitted from EEOC’s resolutions of charges, cases, and federal employees’ complaints and appeals.
  • $505 million was secured for victims of discrimination in private, state and local government and federal workplaces.
    • $354 million through mediation, conciliation, and settlements;
    • $53.5 million through litigations; and
    • $98.6 million for federal employees and applicants in hearings and appeals
  • EEOC filed 199 more lawsuits in FY 2018, filed 29 amicus curiae briefs and resolved 141 merit lawsuits.
  • Through national outreach events EEOC reached more than 398,650 individuals to address employment discrimination.
  • EEOC conducted more than 300 Respectful Workplaces trainings that reached over 9,800 employees and supervisors in the private, public and federal sectors.
  • Operationally, EEOC reduced its backlog of charges by 19.5% to 49,607, which is the lowest inventory in 10 years.   To accomplish this, EEOC resolved 90,558 private and public sector charges.
    • Increased resolutions of federal sector hearing requests by 30.4%, reducing the backlog by 8.5% and secured $85 million for federal employees.
    • Reduced the backlog of overdue FOIA requests by 7.6%, which primarily include requests for closed charges files.
To mark the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the EEOC issued “the State of Age Discrimination and Older Workers in the U.S. 50 Years After the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)” and expanded it ADEA@50 webpage with EEOC cases.

Enforcement and litigation statistics for FY 2018 will be posted on the agency’s website in early 2019.

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