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FedEx Ground Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit with EEOC


FedEx Ground will pay $3.3 million to resolve a companywide lawsuit

FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. has entered into a two-year consent decree which requires accommodations for deaf and hard-of-hearing package handlers.  The company will also pay $3.3 million to resolve the companywide disability discrimination lawsuit filed by EEOC. 

EEOC alleged that FedEx Ground denied deaf and hard-of-hearing packing handlers reasonable accommodations and discriminated against deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants for the package handling position. 

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, identifies 229 individuals who may receive payment as part of the settlement.  The decree requires FedEx Ground to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing package handlers with access to live and video remote American Sign Language interpreting, captioned videos, and scanning equipment with non-audible cues such as vibration.  The company has also agreed to ensure that all tuggers, forklifts and similar motorized equipment have visual warning lights, and says that it will provide personal notification devices to alert deaf package handlers of an emergency.  Managers and human resources representatives will be trained on ADA compliance and will receive written resources to assist them in identifying and providing accommodations for deaf and hard-of-hearing packing handlers.

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