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EEOC Issues FY 2021 Financial Report Highlighting Its Financial Management and Performance Results


Focus areas include tackling systemic discrimination and addressing COVID-19

On November 15, 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued its Fiscal Year 2021 Agency Financial Report (AFR) which provides an overview of its financial management and performance results.

During the FY 2021 fiscal year, EEOC had a record year for discoveries of more than $484 million and helped prevent discrimination through outreach and education.  Also, despite the pandemic, the agency made significant progress towards conducting outreach, technical assistance, and enforcement, reaching levels accomplished in prior years.  In the last six months of the fiscal year, EEOC filled approximately 450 positions including investigators, mediators, attorneys, and equal employment specialists, bringing the employee headcount to 2,100.


  • Conducted more than 2,300 outreach events, including over 300 COVID-19 related events. 
  • Provided 255,000 individuals nationwide with information about employment discrimination.
  • Held the agency’s first public hearing addressing the civil rights impacts of COVID-19 in the workplace.  Issued new and regularly updated technical assistance regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, reasonable accommodations, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Investigations and Litigation

  • Obtained more than $350 million and other relief for victims of employment discrimination in private sector, including state and local government, workplaces.
  • Resolved 138 lawsuits and obtained $34 million in monetary relief.
  • Obtained approximately $15 million from 21 lawsuits alleging race or national origin discrimination.
  • Obtained approximately $1 million from 10 compensation discrimination cases.
  • Obtained over $46 million from 26 systemic lawsuits and over 340 systemic investigations on the merits.

The comprehensive enforcement and litigation statistics for fiscal year 2021 are expected to be released in early 2022.

End of the fiscal year goals

“EEOC prioritized rebuilding and strengthening the agency and renewed its focus on tackling systemic discrimination in the workplace, including promoting racial justice and equity, preventing and remedying discrimination in pay, and addressing the civil rights impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the public and private sectors.”

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